SmartRounds Non-Lethal Projectiles


Under development are our several patent-pending SmartRounds smart bullets including our HemiRoundsprojectiles (human electro-muscular incapacitation), FlashRounds and ShockRounds for the US Military, along with our nitrogen-powered pistol and rifle launchers. Giving the US Marines and others "the power to defend". 


These three smart bullets can be fired from either our pistol or rifle launcher. They will give our military and law enforcement the option of choosing any one of three projectiles depending on the target and force required.   



"Our microprocessor controlled smart bullets will forever change the landscape for the use of non-lethal weapons by military forces and law enforcement worldwide." -  Nick Verini - CEO SmartRounds Technology






Human Effects Testing


Human effects testing is an important part of our development process. Through experimentation technicians at SmartRounds Technology generate data on the amount of non-lethal stimulus necessary to be effective yet minimize the risk of significant injury. Technicians then use this information to develop or refine non-lethal and less-lethal human effects models. Technicians and medical staff validate and verify the Human Effects Modeling Analysis Program they have developed to ensure the components are generating accurate and consistent predictions.


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