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12 Gauge Shotgun Firing 18mm SmartRounds Projectiles

Smart Non-Lethal Munitions

SmartRounds™ smart bullets are a revolutionary new class of non-lethal, smart projectiles that will give Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security firms, Border Patrol, and even private citizens a safe and effective self-defense and crowd/riot control weapon.

Smart non-lethal munitions guided by computer vision algorithms are a game changing combination!

The smart projectiles uses our proprietary computer vision SmartVision to activate the projectiles before they reach the target. The microprocessor algorithm determines that the smart bullet is close to the target and activates the round’s payload millisecs before it reaches the target and can change projectile velocity and trajectory while focusing in on the target.


All of our products will be made in the USA.

18mm SmartRounds Projectiles with 9mm Bullet

SmartRounds 18mm and 40mm Projectiles

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