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Stopping Power

Through experimentation technicians at SRT generate data on the amount of non-lethal stimulus necessary to be effective yet minimize the risk of significant injury. Technicians then use this information to develop or refine non-lethal and less-lethal human effects models. Technicians and medical staff validate and verify the Human Effects Modeling Analysis Program they have developed to ensure the components are generating accurate and consistent predictions.

While non-lethal and less-lethal weapons do not have the deadly stopping power of high velocity bullets fired from a firearm, such deadly force is generally not necessary to deter many typical crimes. Moreover, there are many situations where deadly force is either, not needed or wanted. SRT anticipates a strong global demand by the military, law enforcement, border security and corrections for non-lethal and less-lethal weapons.

Kinetic Energy

½ mV2 ÷ 450450 = ft-lbs

m = grains           grains = grams x 15.43   

V= fps                   fps = 1.467 mph

Joules = ft-lbs x 1.356

The FBI states that 58 ft-lbs (79 joules) will cause a casualty

                                                            Kinetic Energy

StrikerRounds @ 300 fps          26 ft-lbs     35 joules

FN Herstal FN303 @ 300 fps      26 ft-lbs      35 joules



High Velocity Bullets in Ballistic Gel

Human Effects Testing Model

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