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Stopping Power

Through experimentation technicians at SRT generate data on the amount of non-lethal stimulus necessary to be effective yet minimize the risk of significant injury. Technicians then use this information to develop or refine non-lethal human effects models. Technicians and medical staff validate and verify the Human Effects Modeling Analysis Program they have developed to ensure the components are generating accurate and consistent predictions.

While non-lethal weapons do not have the deadly stopping power of high velocity bullets fired from a firearm, such deadly force is generally not necessary to deter many typical crimes. Moreover, there are many situations where deadly force is either, not needed or wanted.

ShockRounds are designed to produce a powerful high pressure pulse just before it hits the target. This pulse can be likened to a "flash bang" effect but is non-flammable and produces no significant heat. It will however knock the assailant or combatant to the ground with considerable force. It may, depending on the location of the pulse, knock the person unconscious without causing any permanent damage. In military terms this will disable the combatant and not allow that person to make a military move.

PepperRounds are designed to cause considerable pain and produce the sensation of burning to the eyes and tissue. PAVA and Capsaicin are incapacitants and serve to discourage the assailant. Capsaicin also causes breathing difficulty. Since the projectile is actuated before it hits the target, the incapacitant is dispersed better and therefore much more effective than pepper balls that break on impact.

Other SmartRounds

We are continuing to development other non-lethal smart bullets using our patent-pending technology. These include:

  1. Malodorant Projectile - Repel or deny effect
  2. Multi-Bang Flash-Bang - Creates confusion and disorientation
  3. Combined Non-Lethal Effects - Move/Suppress/Deny/Disable the target


Human Effects Testing Model

PepperRound Being Held

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