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Smart Round and Shotgun Shells

SmartRounds Non-Lethal Smart Bullets

SmartRounds are about protecting lives and saving lives worldwide! With the recent tragic events concerning police and confrontations with armed and unarmed citizens, we believe that giving law enforcement officers a choice is important.

They are non-lethal and can be fired from a 12 gauge launcher and will give our military, law enforcement and others the option of choosing from several different shotgun launchers depending on the target and mission. These smart bullets are powerful and effective and use MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology and a CMOS image sensor to activate the projectiles before they reach the target. Our MEMS/CMOS electronics is the “core technology” that goes into each of our smart projectiles

"Our smart bullets will forever change the landscape for the use of non-lethal weapons by military forces, law enforcement and others worldwide. When it is necessary to use SmartRounds the community and law enforcement will have peace of mind that there will likely not be fatal consequences." -  Nick Verini - CEO SmartRounds Technology 

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                      Designed and Manufactured in the USA!

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